Session Outline

We outline 3 examples of success and failures in using generative AI models in retail, health and finance.  Then propose a framework that leverages these lessons, that integrate the changes that organisations will need to navigate, challenges that can be overcome early and likely scenarios that may be used when working with both generative and interactive AI models.  There will also be practical insights that have been very useful and mis-steps to avoid when using AI in operational scenarios.

Key Takeaways

  • lessons from recent success and failures, highlighting plans to follow and steps to avoid.
  • a proposed framework that has been used in retail, health and finance sector verticals with transformational results.
  • a descriptive list of do’s & don’ts from experience when preparing for the use of generative AI.



Dr Ian Tho – Partner | RSM Australia Pty Ltd | Australia

Dr Tho is a partner (Advanced Analytics & Data Science) at RSM Australia. He is a recognised luminary in Advanced Analytics & Data Science. Immediately prior to this role at RSM, Dr Tho worked for Google in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region where he led the Data Science & Advanced Analytics teams as Head of Data Science & Analytics for Google offices in APAC. Amongst Dr Tho’s most recent accolades, he was nominated by his peers at the peak body, the Institute of Analytics Professionals Australia as Australia’s Top 10 Analytics Leaders. He is a published author of a seminal text published in the United Kingdom by Elsevier on the use of data science to unravel business risk, as well as popular blogs. Ian is the inventor of an Australian Patent (Analytics) on a unique approach to using data for personalisation.  He is widely known to deliver simple actionable insights, grounded by immutable evidence from data made usable through pure Mathematics, Semiotics and Behavioural Economics.

June 6 @ 11:35
11:35 — 12:05 (30′)

ANZ-Stage 1 2024

Dr Ian Tho – Partner | RSM Australia Pty Ltd | Australia