Session Outline

Nathan from the Sportsbet crew is taking us on a journey to unpack the secrets behind developing cutting-edge, generative AI solutions through a user-centric and iterative lens. He’s going to spill the beans on how keeping the team at Sportsbet in the loop makes our AI not just smart, but clever. We’re talking about a user-first, keep-iterating-until-it’s-ace approach. He’s got stories, the inside scoop, straight from the Sportsbet trenches. You’ll walk away not just with a yarn or two, but with some nifty tricks up your sleeve to make AI sing in tune with what punters want and what makes the business tick.

Key Takeaways

  • Why innovation is different from delivery and why you should adopt an innovation framework when developing Generative AI.
  • How being Lean can aid in finding the path of least resistance in developing Generative AI use cases.
  • Why having the user at the centre of your design journey focuses the Generative AI product.



Nathan Damm – Lead Data Scientist | Sportsbet | Australia

Nathan is a Data Science Leader and patented inventor of Machine Learning solutions. Nathan has proven success in founding and growing high performing Data teams. Nathan currently leads a group of Data Scientists, Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers developing innovative Data Products for Sportsbet. Having worked as a Data Scientist for NBNco, Consultant for EY and NTT and Educatorfor several academic institutions, Nathan combines deep technical knowledge with innovation, thought and people leadership to connect technology with the people who need it most. Nathan has a passion for applying frameworks and ways of working which enable innovation and allow it to flourish. By bringing Design Thinking and a focus on realising value for product users, Nathan has brought Machine Learning to life in the areas of Telecommunications Engineering, Earth observation and Natural Language.

June 6 @ 11:00
11:00 — 11:30 (30′)

ANZ-Stage 1 2024

Nathan Damm – Lead Data Scientist | Sportsbet | Australia