Session Outline

As an emerging technology, people have different understandings of AI based on their experiences and what’s happening in the media.  This makes it very hard to manage stakeholders.  This talk looks at some of the common foundations needed for success, and some ways of achieving alignment.

Key Takeaways

  • AI is gradually maturing. What up to now has been based on personal expertise and experience, is entering the world of standards.
  • Build and buy options: When should you consider commoditised AI, internal tools, enterprise grade solutions, or commercial products?
  • The technical side AI is not enough.  Sometimes, rocket science is the easy part.  Humans are harder.  Holistic delivery needs to start with the business value sought, and the change needed to achieve it.



Dr Sarah Dods – Regional Leader – Southern Hemisphere Advanced Analytics & AI | GHD | Australia

Dr Sarah Dods is a technologist, maven, and intrapreneurial leader. Her passion is helping businesses realise commercial and social outcomes from technology advances; bridging the gap between IP, market need, product thinking, and change management, to create sustainable value that makes a difference.

Sarah currently leads GHD Digital’s Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice for the Southern Hemisphere.  By background, she is a PhD qualified Physicist/Electrical Engineer with 20+ years of experience spanning Australia’s “deep-tech” innovation system. She has led corporate data science teams, deep-tech commercial initiatives, Silicon Valley startups, and national research programs across numerous industry sectors, always focussed on what digital and data is now making possible and practical.

As part of her contribution to the growing AI industry, Sarah sits on Australia’s national committee to the IEC, as well as technical committees developing international standards for advanced analytics.

She is an advocate of life-long learning, a driver of diversity, and an incurable optimist.

September 15 @ 11:30
11:30 — 12:00 (30′)

ANZ-Stage 1

Dr Sarah Dods – Regional Leader – Southern Hemisphere Advanced Analytics & AI | GHD | Australia