Session Outline

As  data becomes more  complex and increasingly distributed across platforms ranging from data warehouses, data lakes and clouds, organizations need to adapt through designing new modern data platforms, data fabric and empowered with  new modern data capabilities that will drive return on data. Using knowledge graphs and graph analytics are key enablers  towards developing modern data capabilities, data fabric and interoperability between distributed data platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why modern data platforms integrated with knowledge graphs capabilities are  key enablers to data fabric,  AI &  scalable analytics.
  • Understand the shift in modern data capabilities and competence to integrate & scale modern data platforms today.
  • Understand how a modern data platform with graph analytics is facilitating rapid decision making and business value across successful organisations today.
  • Learn how Graph Technology, AI and Cloud Are Impacting most Industries today  and why a modern data platform is key to succeed in each of these.



Shaun Rolls – Senior advisor | Global head of open knowledge graph innovation lab. | EDM Council | Australia

Shaun is a global senior advisor with the EDM Council , lead knowledge graph trainer for EDMC’s Data Innovation Lab and global certified EDM Council trainer across the DCAM, CDMC training courses who has over 20 years data & analytics experience across London, Europe and Australia within the domains of data management, BI, business and data architecture, knowledge graphs and cloud technology from global investment banks including Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. Where most recently Shaun has led innovative global data foundation programs for the two leading Nordic banks, SEB and Nordea. As one of the leading data management, graph and analytics advisors across Europe, Shaun helps organisations build strong data cultures and design modern data platforms to deliver business value leveraging DCAM & CDMC and knowledge graph industry best practice frameworks via bridging Business and Technology.

September 15 @ 16:00
16:00 — 16:30 (30′)

ANZ-Stage 3

Shaun Rolls – Senior advisor | Global head of open knowledge graph innovation lab. | EDM Council | Australia