Session Outline

Success in AI systems requires more than technical rigour and performance. A strong human element behind the widespread adoption of innovative solutions is trust. In this speech, we will explore the current status of public trust in AI around the world, what drives it, and what are the practical considerations to create more trustworthy AI systems?

Key Takeaways

  • Public trust is a key factor in AI acceptance and its widespread adoption.
  • Although there is a positive trend, still the level of public trust in AI is not high.
  • Based on a 2022 international study across 17 countries, there are 4 key drivers of trust and acceptance of AI systems (list and details in the presentation)
  • A practical way to build more trustworthy AI systems is through a multi-dimensional model (usually each narration of the responsible AI might focus only on a few)



Ali Akbari – AI Committee Member | Standards Australia | Australia

Dr Ali Akbari is an AI expert with 20 years of international experience in delivering commercial solutions for well-known brands across several countries. He holds a PhD from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, with a focus on computer vision, and is passionate about building strategies and capabilities to productionize innovative solutions that solve important societal and environmental issues in a responsible manner. Ali specialises in processing images and unstructured textual data, and in applying AI/ML in risk management solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, finance, and the public sector. Among his many other projects, he led the production of the first transactional analytics solution for automated credit risk decision-making at Commonwealth Bank, the intelligent targeting engine for Unisys’s border protection solution, and the data-driven simulation engine of the largest biometrics solution for a federal government organisation in Australia.┬áIn addition to his technical expertise, Ali has been involved in creating AI Ethics frameworks, such as KPMG-UQ’s Trustworthy AI Model, and is a member of the Standards Australia AI standardisation committee.

September 15 @ 09:35
09:35 — 10:15 (40′)

ANZ-Stage 4

Ali Akbari – AI Committee Member | Standards Australia | Australia