Session Outline

In this keynote presentation, I will talk about how companies can leverage GenAI
technologies to drive transformative business outcomes. I will delve into practical strategies
for adopting GenAI across various business functions, from enhancing customer
experiences to optimizing operations. By embracing GenAI intelligently, organizations can
unlock new opportunities, streamline processes, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth
in today’s data-driven world.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding the Landscape: Explore the current landscape of GenAI
    technologies and their potential impact on businesses across industries.
  • Strategic Implementation: Discuss practical strategies for effectively
    integrating GenAI into existing business processes and workflows.
  • Driving Value: Identify key use cases where GenAI can bring tangible
    business value, from optimizing decision-making to enabling personalized
    customer experiences.
  • Building a Future-ready Organization: Emphasize the importance of fostering
    a culture of innovation and continuous learning to stay ahead in the rapidly
    evolving GenAI landscape.



Xi Liang |Head of Data and AI Products | Judo Bank | Australia

October 17 @ 09:05
09:05 — 09:25 (20′)

[P1] Plenum 1 2024

Xi Liang |Head of Data and AI Products | Judo Bank | Australia