Rose Skandari, Ph.D – Data Science Manager | BP | Australia

Rose is a Data Science Manager at bp with more than ten years of experience in design, delivery and leading of multiple AI initiatives. She has contributed to many AI projects in several fields such as energy, finance, and biomed. She was nominated as top 25 analytics leaders in Australia in 2020 as well as being among Women in AI finalists last year. She got her PhD from Melbourne University in 2017.

Akshay Sharma – Director – Data Science | Telstra | Australia

Akshay is a seasoned data science leader with experience in AI strategy, AI value map, AI ethics and AI as a product. Historically, Akshay has lead data science for Telstra Energy and delivered e2e AI architecture and GTM solution design. He has delivered many large- scale complex data & analytics programs across many industries that include e-commerce, logistics, payments, finance, education, energy, telecom and investments. Currently delivering data democratization, decision science, AI@Scale, e2e AI architecture, and operational analytics.

Phoebe Twiggs – Senior Manager Advanced Analytics | Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd | Australia

Phoebe has worked at Allianz for the last 10 years and currently manages Allianz Australia’s Advanced Analytics Centre of Excellence. Throughout her career she has worked globally across different AI use case with a focus the value AI can achieve. She is passionate about educating stakeholders about what is possible with AI and providing the transparency throughout the AI lifecycle to ensure AI is embraced and risks managed.

SU JELLA – Director of Data and Insights | Tennis Australia | Australia

Su the Director of Data and Insights at Tennis Australia, is an established leader with over 12 years experience in the field of Data and Analytics. She’s lead various teams and corporates at the departmental, practice and organisational level to help them tackle data challenges and build solutions that transform and mature data practices by analysing and retiring legacy systems and establishing forward thinking processes and frameworks based on real time information. These processes and frameworks align with business strategies to deliver insights that clearly define customers by directing communications, customer experience, organisational structure and enabling organisations to build relationships, teams and systems for the future. Su leads organisations on an evolution with their customers and the market utilising transformational techniques and solutions that help to achieve current and future data demands. She’s delivered end-to-end solutions in analytics for corporates and teams by delivering insights and strategies aligned with business goals for greater profit and customer experience. Su was recognised as Australia’s Top 25 Analytics Leaders in 2022 by IAPA.

Siddhant Sharma – Technology Leader – Analytics & AI | Racing Victoria | Australia

Siddhant Sharma is a Technology Leader – Analytics & AI currently working at Racing Victoria with over 9 years of experience. Passionate about using the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, he has worked and tried to ignite changes in different sectors like Telecom, Retail, Banking and Sports. He is dedicated to helping organizations make informed decisions through valuable data-driven insights, inspiring confident decision-making through data analysis and machine learning. With a talent for uncovering hidden stories and patterns in data using qualitative analysis and visuals, Siddhant has helped stakeholders make fact-based decisions backed by evidence-based insights to drive meaningful change. His expertise in combining quantitative analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization has proven to be highly beneficial in uncovering the story in the numbers. Siddhant is on a mission to revolutionize data-driven decision-making using applied ML OPs. He firmly believes that with the right tools and methodologies, organizations can uncover hidden potential and unlock new opportunities for growth. In his free time, he volunteers with local tech organizations and mentors aspiring data scientists. Overall, Siddhant is a highly skilled and passionate Technology Leader who is committed to helping organizations harness the power of data to drive growth and innovation.

September 15 @ 10:20
10:20 — 11:00 (40′)

ANZ-Stage 4

Akshay Sharma – Director – Data Science | Telstra | Australia, Phoebe Twiggs – Senior Manager Advanced Analytics | Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd | Australia, Rose Skandari Ph.D – Data Science Manager | BP | Australia, Siddhant Sharma – Technology Leader – Analytics & AI | Racing Victoria | Australia, SU JELLA – Director of Data and Insights | Tennis Australia | Australia